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Our brand, KOIKOI, is a brilliant and colorful noble koi. Its elegant body sways in the shimmering water, enriching the visual senses with its aesthetic beauty. The koi fish symbolizes "wealth, auspiciousness, health, and happiness" and is also regarded as a symbol of friendship. We sincerely hope to "work hand in hand and climb the dragongate" with our partners.
Fuzhou is a coastal city in southern China. It has been an important starting point of the Maritime Silk Road since ancient times, and its people have a love for adventure, food, and are known as food wizards. The term "YABA" is often used by the hospitable people of Fuzhou, which means "fantastic." When consumers taste our carefully designed and developed pre-made food, they will exclaim "YABA" to express their admiration.
Add some healthy vegetables, some chewy fresh meat, some fresh and sweet seafood, some meatballs, some soy products, and our full love and care, and you have the delicious magic of "Mr. YABA," the food wizard who showcases his culinary magic in Japanese-style Kanto cooking.
JCFoodsinc is an app designed specifically for online ordering from restaurants, hot pot restaurants, and more. Download our app by clicking the icon to save time when you're busy.
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