KOIKOI is a spreader of happiness.
Happiness starts with delicious food. As you deliver delectable dishes to your customers, KOIKOI is also on its way to savoring the same delights, connecting each joyful feast from palate to heart.
For over 20 years, the KOIKOI team has persevered through hardship and blazed a trail in this hopeful nation, creating a wholesale food market. Our team, located worldwide, continuously develops an array of exquisite food ingredients with the goal of serving every customer to the best of our ability. We strive to be a strong support system for our customers, allowing them to create delicious dishes to satisfy every gourmet without any worries.
KOIKOI boasts several cold-chain storage and logistics centers, stocked with hundreds of diverse food products including frozen, refrigerated, and ambient temperature goods. Through our cold-chain logistics fleet, we deliver the highest quality ingredients to our customers' doorsteps every day.
Our vision at KOIKOI is to create a culinary platform that integrates upstream food suppliers with downstream retail restaurants, building online and offline channels to attract investment and drive growth in a thriving closed-loop market.
We regard our clients as collaborative partners in a joint venture, with a shared commitment to attentiveness, diligence, and meticulousness. These values serve as the foundation of trust between our partners and us. We are grateful for the ongoing support and camaraderie from our partners, as we continue to work together towards a shared future. Overall, koikoi strives to be a dependable and trusted partner for their customers, offering them a range of premium food products and unparalleled services to help thrive in the food industry.
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