About us


KOIKOI has been striving to be a food communicator on the road of cuisine, 

hoping to connect the happiness feast of every person from the tongue to the heart. 

The KOIKOI team has been working hard for over 20 years in this hopeful land, creating a food wholesale park. Our team develops various exquisite and delicious ingredients all over the world to serve each customer to the best of our ability, and serves as a strong support, allowing our customers to create various delicious dishes without any worries.

KOIKOI's vision is to create a food platform that integrates upstream food ingredient suppliers with downstream retail restaurants, building online and offline channels for business attraction, and creating a thriving closed-loop market together.

KOIKOI now has multiple cold chain storage and logistics centers, with hundreds of various ingredients, including frozen ingredients, refrigerated ingredients and room temperature items, etc. Our cold chain logistics fleet travels every day through the streets and alleys, delivering the best quality ingredients to our customers. We and our customers are like partners working together. Dedication, sincerity and care are the sources of trust for our partners. Thank you to all the partners who have been supporting us and creating the future together. 

Our Brand


KOIKOI is a colorful and elegant koi fish, its elegant body swaying gracefully in the sparkling water, its rich beauty nourishing the visual senses. Koi symbolizes "wealth, good luck, health and happiness", and is also considered a symbol of friendship. We sincerely hope to join hands with our partners and "move forward together towards success."

Fuzhou is a coastal city located in southern China and has been an important starting point on the Silk Road since ancient times. The nourishment of the sea has created adventurous and food-loving people who are known as "Food Magician of Fuzhou." People all over the world will hear the hearty Fuzhou people say "YABA" which means "Awesome" unintentionally. This is also the praise "YABA" that will be heard when consumers taste the various pre-made foods that we have carefully designed and developed.


Adding some healthy vegetables, adding some juicy meat, adding some sweet seafood, adding some balls and some beans, and also our full love and care, this is the delicious magic that "Mr. YABA" put into Japanese oden cuisine.

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